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ESD dotted gloves

  • made from 100% polyester
  • continuous polyester filament with carbon fibre for ESD protection
  • coating on palm provides firm grip
  • surface resistivity 106 - 1010 ohm

ESD nylon gloves

  • continuous lint-free seamless stretchable Nylon knitted
  • comfortable on extended use and reusable
  • conductive fibre prevent ESD accident
Conductive gloves
  • surface resistivity 103 - 104
thumb Nylon copper gloves
thumb Top fit gloves
thumb Palm fit copper gloves
ESD gloves
  • surface resistivity 106 - 108 ohm.
thumb Nylon carbon gloves
thumb Top fit carbon gloves
thumb Palm fit carbon gloves
ESD white gloves
  • surface resistivity 104 - 106 ohm.
thumb ESD white nylon gloves
thumb ESD white top fit gloves
thumb ESD white palm fit gloves
Nylon gloves
  • ergonomic design
  • excellent fitness
  • made from continuous lint free nylon
  • reusable and washable
thumbHalf finger gloves
thumbNylon gloves
thumbTop fit gloves
thumbPalm fit gloves

Finger cots

  • fine quality 100% natural rubber
  • ultra tin finger tip enable delicate handy work


thumb White powder free
thumb Pink antistatic powder free
thumb Yellow antistatic powder free, chlorinated
thumb White powder free, textured

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